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I hope you will consider joining me here, with that hot drink or glass of wine, to gather together in the place known by Sufi mystics as the place where the two seas meet, the 'alam al-mithal (“the world of the image”) of the Islamic Mystics, the Nâ-Kojâ-Abâd ("the country of non-where”) of the ancient Persians, and the land east of the sun and west of the moon in the Russian fairytales.

Put more simply, see you under the fig tree. 

** The title of this publication is in memoriam to my great-grandmother’s fig tree in Spain under which, as C. S. Lewis would put it, my imagination was first baptised.

Hello there. My name is Gabriela. To find out more about my work, you can visit my website.

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An archive of essays, poetry, stories and reflections steeped in mythopoetics, the imagination and ancient history.


Gabriela Mair Gutierrez

Gabriela is a scholar, practitioner and teacher of ancient wisdom. Her work is focused on the revival of women’s traditions in Europe & the Middle East.